We are committed to presenting the love of God and the understanding of His word, the Bible. We teach children that God loves and accepts each of them and that there is good and evil, and for them to make right choices. We want children to have a beginning understanding of worship as well as participate in opportunities to worship Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We seek to teach scriptural principles within all activities.​



We believe that young children learn through well planned individual and group activities. Through guided learning centers and structured circle times, our children learn to work and play together, respect each other and their property, and obey those in authority. Through participation, young children learn about their responsibility to God, family, friends and community.​


The curriculum has been carefully chosen and evaluated to assist each child in attaining age appropriate skills and concepts. Activities are planned around curriculum themes which integrate a variety of language arts, math readiness, science, art, music and communication skills.


Activities in the classroom and the playground provide opportunities to develop gross fine motor skills. Throughout these activities, students gain skills that lead to success in school. Good health principles are taught and practiced. From clean rooms, clean hands, to teaching good hygiene, the children are learning to develop healthy habits.

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